April 2018 Newsletter

Sure Growth Technologies Ag Innovation Summit 2018
We had a great turn out of both our Wapella & Yorkton Spring Meeting! Had a great agenda and learned lots from our speakers at the event!Highlights & Quotations:
Courtney Tuck – Spoke about Clubroot & Herbicide Resistance “It is all about prevention. You get a flu shot before you get the flu. We need to implement practices to prevent these threats on the farm. If we don’t, input costs may rise, or we may lose some of these technologies altogether. What would you do if you couldn’t profitably grow canola or spray herbicides?”
Derek Squair – Spoke about Strategic Grain Marketing, touching on various commodities & the Canadian Dollar “It’s not a guessing game.”, “As our dollar was dropping futures were rallying. As the Canadian Dollar goes lower, Canadian Canola futures look cheaper to importing countries, like China, making Canadian Canola exports look more attractive to buyers.”
Justin Cleaver – Spoke about Precision Decisions & the latest developments in Zone Management “PowerZone2 now uses PurePixel’s engine which uses algorithms in conjunction with NDVI imagery to create a more accurate representation of the field”, “What are we doing with our yield data (if we are collecting our yield data)?”
Franck Groeneweg – Spoke about Efficient Water Management “Proper water management can increase yields by $85/acre or more, according to SaskFSA”, “In a Canola Scenario, the impact from a Temporary 1 Acre Wetland will reduce yield by 120 bushels or $1320, as the wetland decreases the yield potential in the surrounding land.”
Elston Solberg – Spoke about Water & how it is the most limiting factor in regards to yield. “Water is the most deficient nutrient in dry-land agriculture, so why are we not measuring it? Most growers & agronomist know how many pounds of nutrients required to produce their crop, but they have no idea how much water is required to grow their crop” He also spoke on sulphur and how all of our crops need this nutrient every year. “Sulphur enhances the utilization of every other nutrient in your crop.”, “Sulphur helps in the production of Cystine and Methionine Amino acids. These two acids are the gatekeepers in the production of all of the 18 other common amino acids in a plant.”
Dan Aberhart – Spoke about Elemental Sulphur & Bio-Sul Premium Plus “Bio-Sul is an elemental sulphur amended compost, guaranteed 70% sulphur analysis. The Compost is a Class 1 Compost, there are no heavy metals or disease organisms in it, additionally it is tested regularly.”, “The Compost is taking food from grocery stores and utilizing it as a carrier product for the fertilizer in your fields.”
Terry Aberhart – Provided us insight on the future of agriculture speaking about leveraging technologies that have simplified his operation & showed us new technologies and innovation in agriculture. “Investments in fertilizer do pay off, however, they have to be in the right balance.” “Premium Weather with Trimble Ag Software has improved efficiencies in my operation. It can help you make planting decisions with the Growing Degree Day Map, Cumulative Rainfall Maps can help you make day to day decisions & saves you time, and Hail Alerts can give you can idea of where to scout on your farm and in your field for hail damage.”

Agriculture is changing. There are many new technologies and innovations in agriculture being developed every day. 


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