Viktor Shkinder

Business Integrator, R&D Manager

Viktor was born and grew up in Zorya Village, Ukraine. As Viktor grew up, he did many fun things such as going skiing, go karting and racing cars. Once Viktor grew old enough, he decided to serve in the army for 1 ½ years. Soon after, Viktor got married to his lovely wife Nataliia and they had a beautiful daughter.

The first time Viktor was ever a part of the Agriculture Industry was in 1988, he was 12 years old and was able to see the Pioneer Company built the first seed factory in the USSR. Both Viktor’s father and mother worked in this area as well.

After Viktor decided to leave the army, he worked as a manager for a grain mill company. 7 years passed by and Viktor changed his job. He then proceeds to work as a director for the distribution company which sells chemicals and fertilizer products, also grows and sells soybean seed from a company called “Prograin” from Canada. Viktor worked with this company for 5 years. After his time there, Viktor had then built his own company which would buy used agriculture equipment from the USA and sell it to Ukraine

In 2017, Viktor and Nataliia made the decision, they wanted to move to Canada. They did all their paperwork and began to pack their bags to begin the long journey over. In 2018, they have arrived in Canada where Viktor had worked as a farm supervisor on a mixed grain and cattle farm for 15 months, while his wife Nataliia was an educator assistant at Kelliher School.

Viktor is now employed at Sure Growth Solutions Inc. as a Business Integrator and R&D Manager.