Terry Aberhart, CCA

Founder of Sure Growth

Terry’s passion for agriculture and the farming industry has always been there, but it was when returning to his family farm that he found his calling. In 2008, this led him to start Sure Growth Solutions which continues to provide professional agronomy consulting to others. Fueled by his fortunate position, he leads a passionate, multi-talented team to help grow his family farm.

He is committed to pursuing innovation and strives to influence progressive modern agriculture through his work with Aberhart Farms, Sure Growth Solutions, Convergence Growth, Aberhart Ag Solutions and the ‘Growing the Future’ podcast he operates with his brother, Dan. Afterall, the farm motto, “Growing Our Future” is guided by the steadfast core values of innovation, family, passion, culture, and sustainability for the future.

Terry thrives on being an active member of his community, building a supportive culture, giving back as often as possible, soaking up that quality family time, and powering down mountainsides where it’s just him against the elements.