Kevin Shearer, SAIRS

Kevin grew up on a farm near Roblin, Manitoba. After graduating high school, he obtained a degree in Criminology at the University of Manitoba. In 1988 he joined the RCMP and for the
next 26 1⁄2 years, he pursued a career in law enforcement. After gaining experience in general duty policing, he entered the forensic identification discipline, becoming a specialist in crime scene investigation. His duties saw him become the Commander of Yorkton Forensic Identification Services and the Acting Manager of“F” Division Forensic Identification Services. Throughout his career in law enforcement, Kevin maintained close ties to agriculture, taking every opportunity to get home to the family farm and get some tractor or combine time. He purchased farmland early in his policing career which he now rents out.

With a love of crime scene mapping and aerial photography, Kevin saw that the movement toward precision agriculture held many parallels to crime scene investigation. Following his retirement from forensics in 2015 and fuelled by his desire to get his boots dirty again, he began a second career in precision agriculture. Having worked with drones and manned aircraft in mapping crime scenes, aerial mapping for agriculture seemed like a perfect fit. First gaining experience as a sales consultant for the eBee Ag drone, he then began providing UAV crop mapping services. He loves close-up analytical photography and detests wedding photography. He hopes to be able to use some of those skills in agronomy. In his spare time Kevin enjoys hunting, fishing, running a tractor for his friend, and mapping every stone on the farm.