Kevin Shearer

Industry Partner-SAIRS

Kevin grew up on a farm near Roblin, Manitoba. After graduating high school, he obtained a degree in Criminology at the University of Manitoba. In 1988 he joined the RCMP and for the next 26 1⁄2 years, he pursued a career in law enforcement. After gaining experience in general duty policing, he entered the forensic identification discipline, becoming a specialist in crime scene investigation. His duties saw him become the Commander of Yorkton Forensic Identification Services and the Acting Manager of“F” Division Forensic Identification Services. Throughout his career in law enforcement, Kevin maintained close ties to agriculture, taking every opportunity to get home to the family farm and get some tractor or combine time. He purchased farmland early in his policing career which he now rents out.

SAIRS is an agronomy-based imaging company that is a specialized support service to agricultural professionals.  Founded by Kevin Shearer in 2017, SAIRS has analyzed thousands of acres of satellite, drone, and macro imagery for research and production agriculture.  Kevin has developed methodologies to obtain and manage large scale image datasets used to train artificial intelligence in agriculture.  SAIRS continues to advance and promote innovative solutions that are simple and effective.