July 2018 Newsletter

Moving into bug season there are many insects out there that can be damaging to crop yield:

Lygus Bug: Damage — suck sap from leaves, stems, flowers, and pods. Cause flower blasting and shriveled seeds.
Diamondback Larva: Damage — mature larvae cause leaf, stem and pod stripping.
Cabbage Seedpod Weevil: scouting occurs when the insect is an adult, but the most damaging stage is done by the maggot of the cabbage seedpod weevil. Larvae eat developing seeds, causing yield loss.
Wheat Midge: Occurs at larva stage. Larva feeds on developing wheat kernel, causing it to shrivel, crack and deform.
Cereal Leaf Beetle: Beetles feed between the leaf veins and strip away the green tissue. Severe feeding can look frost damage on the crop.
And many others…

With that in mind keep on the lookout, protect your investment in your crop.
Sure Growth has been doing sweeps and bug counts for economic threshold throughout the season, however, we have not been seeing the pressure. But things can change overnight.


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