Tissue Testing & The Growing Season

We hope you’re all enjoying the 2014 planting season. We wanted to share some awesome information that we discussed during yesterday mornings network chat conference call. The great power with our Agri-Trend network is being able to participate in things like this with some of our top professionals. We never stop learning in this ever changing industry.

Today’s discussion was on tissue tests and the benefit to our farms. We all know the importance of soil tests in the field planning process. Soil testing provides us with important information to provide the proper nutrients for the crop during the growing season.

What about once the seed is in the ground?

When soil testing is used in conjunction with tissue testing we, as Agri-Coaches, are able to help you get yet another step closer to achieving your maximum yield by testing for deficiencies before they become a visible problem in your field. Tissue testing is able to help us get you the quickest treatment of a current problem and keep up to date with the health of the crop.

The best part?

Testing at different points in the growing season will help us identify deficiencies such as zinc and potassium that can make major impacts on your yield. The more you keep up to date with the nutrient placements within your fields, the easier it will be to plan your fertilizer applications, should you require any. We’re excited to begin scouting and tissue testing! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy Farming!

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