Precision Farming


We are one of the leading innovators in precision agriculture and variable-rate technology.  Profitable Precision Farming and Variable Rate programs are one of the strengths of our business.  Sure Growth Technologies Inc has worked closely with the experts at Agri-Trend© and worked to refine and improve precision agriculture practises for our growers.  Sure Growth Technologies Inc  has helped develop the  Veris soil mapping and zone creation process,  Variable Rate Fungicide and Pesticide programs that are  being offered through the Agri-Trend© network.  We work with progressive farmers to deliver expert Geo-Coaching and Agri-Coaching services in order to be able to provide the most comprehensive and profitable precision  strategies on your farm.

Sure Growth Technologies Inc. has top Agri-Coach™, Terry Aberhart  and Geo-Coach©, Justin Cleaver working shoulder to shoulder with our farm clients to develop sound, profitable variable rate and precision programs for our growers.   This is  our true passion and we will continue to progress, innovate, and develop leading edge precision strategies for the industry and our clients.  We truly live and breath Precision Agriculture and we are excited to be at the leading front in the next major evolution in agricultural production.


“  Precision Agriculture has been a big passion of mine.  It has been great working
with growers  through the Precision Management Process and building
profitable and sustainable variable rate solutions for their farms.  There
is allot of buzz around Precision Agriculture in the market place right now,
but many of the programs being offered are not always bases on strong science
and agronomy.  Through the Agri-Trend network , working with Senior
Agri-Coaches and Geo-Coachs , we have been able to ensure we are providing
strong precision programs , supported by some of the best science and agronomy
available.  “   Terry Aberhart