Marketing & Business Coaching, Production Insurance & Carbon Credits

Marketing and Business Coaching ,

Sure Growth Technologies Inc works shoulder to shoulder with Agri-Trend© Market Coaches and Business Coaches. We work  to harmonize our clients agronomic,  production, marketing , and business strategies, to optimize your businesses earning potential.  The efficiencies of sharing the same data base and working together with our trusted advisers in each area of your business removes complexity and ensures  your business is working towards a shared goal and vision.

Carbon Credits

Saskatchewan’s Carbon Market

The Government of Saskatchewan is working hard to introduce new Climate Change legislation, most likely resulting in real benefits for growers as the opportunity for the generation of carbon offsets presents itself.

At this time we are still waiting patiently for the government to implement Carbon Offset legislation.  When this does become a reality Saskatchewan farmers should be able to generate offsets in the areas of Reduced Tillage Protocols and Nitrous Oxide Emission Reduction Protocols ( NERP).

Carbon credits can be created from agricultural, waste management and renewable energy projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By implementing appropriate practices and technologies according to specific protocols, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions can be monitored, documented, independently verified, and registered to be sold as certified, tradeable carbon credits.

Sure Growth Technologies Inc. will be positioned with Agri-Trend Aggregation Inc. as a Carbon Coach to provide carbon payments to Saskatchewan farmers.   Agri-Trend Aggregation Inc. has been established as the most trusted and secure aggregation business.

Production Insurance

Sure Growth Technologies is an advisor for the “Production Cost Solution”  insurance program.  We can help provide advise and support to growers that are interesting in evaluating this insurance product for their farms.

The Production Cost Solution is a revenue based multi-peril   insurance that provides guaranteed revenue above input costs.
• As costs   rise, so does coverage, therefore rewarding strong agronomy.
• Decrease in   commodity prices does not affect coverage.
• Coverage is based upon your   actual sales results (no regard for area average).
• Independent from all   government programs