Data Management


In today’s evolving agribusiness environment ,  data management is becoming a more important part of today’s top managed farm business’s.     Proper data management can provide powerful decision making tools that help lower risk and increase return on investment

We work with the Agri-Data© Solution to manage all of our data needs.  This is a web-based , cloud data platform accessible from any computer , tablet, or smart-phone.  This allows us to work with our growers to be able to access, enter and analyse data from almost anywhere on the planet with a few clicks of a mouse of swipes of a finger.

The Agri-Data© Solution provides fully integrated data management and analytical tools to support for your sales team. Features of ADS include:

  • Secure data storage capabilities for any file type
  • Product forecasting by input
  • Fertilizer quick blending
  • Individual and aggregate report generation
  • Farm and field event tracking
  • Field scout tracking and reporting
  • Automated soil and tissue report integration
  • Soil and tissue trend line analysis
  • Crop planning
  • Tracking harvest data
  • Reporting unit cost of production

This system also provides us with “Power Marks”   which will benchmark

-Cost per Unit of Production

-Nitrogen Use Efficiency

-Water Use Efficiency

To help our growers benchmark and analyze their agronomic performance.