We pride ourselves in passion for agriculture and dedicate our business to sustainable profitability of our farm clients.

From soil testing, tissue testing,  fertility planning,  crop rotation and variety selection, foliar applications, in season scouting and technical support, we help t farms reach their strategic goals.  We deliver unbiased,  independent, expert advise to provide our clients with the confidence to make more informed decisions to help reduce risk and improve farm profitability.

Agriculture is evolving at a blistering pace.  We help our growers implement sound advancements in science and technology to leverage their inputs , increase consistency, production and grain quality, while  lowering the unit cost of production on their farm.

Farm input costs continue rise, it is critical for today’s top farmers to ensure they are managing every aspect of their farm to reduce risks and increase farm income in order to  remain viable and prosper in a competitive environment.  Sound agronomic and strategic farm planing helps ensure our growers are in the top percentile of farm businesses.

“We’re always learning and being challenged. That’s exciting. When you can work with a guy and at the end of the year he calls you from the combine and is all pumped up because the crop is yielding really good – that’s the best part,”   Terry Aberhart