Dr. Baljeet Singh, Ph.D. Soil Science, M.Sc. Entomology, B.Sc.

Sure Growth Agronomist

Sure Growth Solutions is very happy to add Baljeet Singh to our team. Baljeet was born in India and raised on the family grain and cattle farm. They not only raised grain cattle, but many other crops including vegetables, forages, and even cotton. It was natural for Baljeet to attend Punjab Agriculture University in Ludhiana, India. It was there where he received his B.Sc. Agriculture (Honours) and M.Sc. Entomology (Insect Toxicology). Once in Canada, he received a Ph.D. in Soil Science with research in Soil Pesticide Chemistry. Baljeet has also received a handful of Fellowships and awards. He received a Graduate Fellowship with the University of Manitoba, International Student Entrance Scholarship, International Scholar Scholarship, and a Travel Award for attending the International Conference of Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy in Cape Town, South Africa. Before landing at Sure Growth, Baljeet spent four years in a teaching position at Lakeland College in Vermilion, AB. He has also been involved in many different types of research.

Baljeet is confident his technical skills and various research experience will complement the skills of the Sure Growth team. He became aware of AGRI-TREND through LinkedIn peers Je2 Kostiuk and Karen Rose, leading him to Terry Aberhart and Sure Growth. Baljeet spent time learning from the Senior Agri-Coaches in the AGRI-TREND Network and how to use Agri-Data, now Trimble Ag Software, to help his customers. Baljeet and his family now live in Brandon Manitoba as he is currently instructing Agribusiness courses at Assiniboine Community College.
From there, Justin worked for a private survey company working mainly with RTK GPS systems. This past experience helped him with the transition to Sure Growth Technologies and AGRI-TREND. Justin started his career with AGRI-TREND back in April of 2009. He has had the opportunity to work with producers on various mapping endeavours. Whether it is a variable rate fertility prescription or a variable rate fungicide application map. Justin loves the science and principles of precision agriculture and hopes to share his knowledge and experience with the producers of today.