About Us

Sure Growth Technologies Inc. is a professional agronomic and strategic farm  business consultant group, based near Langenburg Saskatchewan.

Sure Growth Technologies Inc.  provides professional coaching  services including crop planning , soil testing, fertility planing, Variable Rate and Precision Farming programs,  strategic planning, and in season scouting field support.

Our goal is to enable our farm clients to remove complexity,  reduce risk, while also increasing return on investment in time, labour, and inputs for improved yields, quality, and profits.  Our independent and unbiased advice provides our clients with a much higher level of confidence in working with our services. The value and success of our business is based on the success that we bring to our clients  farm businesses.

We practice what we preach and understand the needs, challenges, and risks that are facing today’s agricultural producers.  Our passion for agriculture, new science, and technology helps us provide today’s top farmers improved farm profitability and production to feed a growing world. This is what gives us the motivation to be leaders in our field.

Sure Growth Technologies Inc  is affiliated with the Agri-Trend© Group of Companies, which provides us with an online data platform to help manage all the information for clients. As well  also provides us leading-edge agronomic training, networking, and support.  Sure Growth Technologies Inc has worked very closely with Agri-Trend to help build precision ag and variable-rate programs. Sure Growth Technologies Inc was one of the key players in developing Agri-Trend’s  “Precision Management Process” and works closely with Aberhart Farms Inc. to beta test and develop many of these precision tools and programs, which include the Veris soil mapping process and variable-rate fertilizer, fungicide, and pesticide programs.

We believe in building a great team. We hope to add new team members in specific areas of expertise to help strengthen our network and the value of services that we can provide to our clients. We are always looking to work with progressive farm producers who have the passion to grow their business and expand their knowledge to continue the progression of advanced agricultural production and management for the next generation.

Terry Aberhart , CCA , Agri-Coach™ ,  Owner –  Sure Growth Technologies Inc.

Terry grew-up on his family farm near Langenburg, Saskatchewan and has been involved in agriculture his entire life. He worked several years in the agriculture industry, before returning to his family farm to manage both the farm operation and custom spraying business. Terry Founded Sure Growth Technologies Inc. and became an Agri-Coach in the fall of 2005.  In 2009 Terry received the “Business Builder of the Year ” award from Agri-Trend and in 2011 was voted ” MVP Agri-Coach of the Year ” award.

Terry has always been very passionate about agriculture, especially in the areas of Precision Agriculture and Technologies.  Terry has worked in the industry and extensively on his family farm with Precision technologies. Terry has worked closely with other experts within the Agri-Trend network to develop the “Precision Management Process”, which will bring Precision Technology uses and Variable Rate applications to Agri-Trend clients. Terry is always very eager to push the boundaries of technology and agronomy, and innovation. Terry enjoys helping  clients reach new levels of performance and success on their farms.

Justin Cleaver – Dip. GISET – Geo-Coach©

Justin grew up on a farm outside of Carberry Manitoba. After graduating he attempted a few different careers from welding to trucking and eventually followed an opportunity to attend College. He attended GISET (Geographic information System Environmental Technology) from Assiniboine Community College in Brandon Manitoba, and graduated in the spring of 2008. This was a 2 year diploma degree exploring different environmental mapping technologies and an introduction into precision agriculture. Straight out of college, I worked for Agriculture and Agri-Food helping with a pasture management research project.

From there, he worked for a private survey company working mainly with RTK GPS systems. This past experience helped him with the transition to Sure Growth Technologies and Agri-Trend. He started his career with Agri-Trend back in April of 2009. He has had the opportunity to work with producers on various mapping endeavors. Whether it is a variable rate fertility prescription or a variable rate fungicide application map. He loves the science and principles of precision agriculture and
hopes to share his knowledge and experience with the producers of today.  In 2011 Justin was awarded the “Geo-Coach of the Year ” award.

Chantel Keough  –  Office/Admin

Chantel was raised on a mixed farm operation in Langenburg, Saskatchewan. After graduating high school she participated in an exchange program across Canada and then spent some time working at Asessippi Ski Hill and travelling to South America. That prompted her decision to attend the Medicine Hat College to get her diploma in Travel and Tourism. After completing that she worked at a hotel in the promotions department and eventually managed the Catering department. In 2006 Chantel and her husband made the move back to Langenburg to be closer to family and start their own family. She started working for Sure Growth Technologies in 2010. Chantel enjoy working in the Ag industry and working with our farm clients.