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We want to help you farm smarter We want to help you farm smarter
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We are a leading-edge service provider focused in the areas of agronomy, precision farming , variable-rate applications and farm management.

We pride ourselves in our passion for agriculture. We dedicate our business to the sustainable profitability of our clients. We help them make more profitable decisions to better allocate their scarce time and resources in order to receive the highest return on our clients investment, time, money, and management.

Through our association with the Agri-Trend© Group of Company’s we were able to deliver the highest level of agronomic and management expertise to help coach our farm clients to new levels. Our team takes pride in providing independent unbiased advice. We understand the needs, challenges and risks that are facing today’s top agricultural producers and help them reach their full potential.

“We’d hit a plateau on the farm and needed to do something more precise in what we were doing.  Now, our fertilizer costs per acre are cheaper on the variable rate, yet we’re getting more yield and a more consistent crop.  Terry farms himself.  He’s got the same risks as I do.”

~ Neil Rathgeber -Rathgeber Farms
Churchbridge Saskatchewan

“We felt Terry’s scientific background, plus the people behind him were on track. We did some work with variable rate fungicides on canola and saved a bundle of cash. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone trying to achieve a maximum bottom line.”

~ Jeff and Glenn Pizzey – J. G. Pizzey Inc.
Angusville, Manitoba

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